Be The Professional

I€™m not just a professional, but the leading expert in all things relating to this industry is what you must say every day to yourself to make sure that when you get the chance to live your dream. I€™m the Professor. I€™ve traversed a long distance to get here. The public has sent me a message, a distress call. Whatever€™s in that locker is so terrifying, so powerful, that it amplified the fears of a little child across all the boundaries of time and space.Through crimson suns and cold stars and tumbling nebulas like oceans set a flame. Through empires forget of pure glass and civilizations built of pure thought and reason with no physical aspect in our understanding a whole terrifying, astonishing universe of impossibilities and fancy filled legends and memories. Theres a need to unlock your mind like yoy need to you unlock phone so You see these eyes? They€™re ancient eyes.And one point I can tell you, Alex: Abnormalities are real.” Continue reading

Fear Is What We Overcome

Being scared is not the weakness you think it is, I mean personaly I like the fact fear is in my strcuture of being allowing courage and bravery to stand strong in teh core of what I’am and shall become. Moving towards a goal in my future no matter what trials stand in front of me can be a defining factor in things that are to come and you can do anything in this life if you only hold on to it like a light of truth that can never be lost. life even if it’s not easy to do since we can only truly live to the fullest when we have to overcome obstacles laid before us in life. Some people can do more in 20 years then others in 100 its not the time that matters its the people everyone wants sit under their tree of knowledge bring them shade and solutions to problems. Though no one wanrs to make this grow themslves because what it is can’t be found its called wisdom which is the some of all the fears and obstacles you have overcome. Not being afraid in this world that God has made does speak to me but at the same thats not possible, being fearless is not a thing we human beings can do because its part of our nature and the fact we have survived all these years. I am the hoper of far flung hopes and dreamer of impossible dreams let yourself be pulled by a negative force unlike calgary towing so you don’t fail and live a life you will regret with nothing done or anything worthy enough to be remembered. Continue reading


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Say what you want everyday to find your Aspiration: Inspiration, for me, comes from others stories especially people recognised who have completed what I want to achieve, or who are currently doing it. I read other blogs, books, publications. I Google my objective of life and read success stories and watch documentaries. You can find a number of stories they show you what is need to win in this life for me a heroes fable or a successful person that shaped the world like Nelson Mandela, or Spartacus teaches that even in the darkest circumstance you should never bow your head to anything. Another important habit can be Zen Habits which  is just one place for inspiration, not only from me but from many readers who have achieved amazing things. Continue reading



Dependency on others to obtain any kind of knowledge is a faulty habit we developed in our school practices and personal life experiences since they both don’t support the habit of propelling students into a better mindset all the time. It was said that man has the ability to learn about the universe if he would only listen. In fact, when we learn the technique of self-education, we will discover, we must create an opportunity for ourselves if none exist, success is only beyond our wildest dreams. Tomorrow is a promise we all must see through, or the limitless light of potential will be lost forever leaving all behind in the dark world of lies and treachery with nothing of true value built to last. Continue reading