Be The Professional

I€™m not just a professional, but the leading expert in all things relating to this industry is what you must say every day to yourself to make sure that when you get the chance to live your dream. I€™m the Professor. I€™ve traversed a long distance to get here. The public has sent me a message, a distress call. Whatever€™s in that locker is so terrifying, so powerful, that it amplified the fears of a little child across all the boundaries of time and space.Through crimson suns and cold stars and tumbling nebulas like oceans set a flame. Through empires forget of pure glass and civilizations built of pure thought and reason with no physical aspect in our understanding a whole terrifying, astonishing universe of impossibilities and fancy filled legends and memories. Theres a need to unlock your mind like yoy need to you unlock phone so You see these eyes? They€™re ancient eyes.And one point I can tell you, Alex: Abnormalities are real.” Firstly, this communication is amazing because its great literature and what I’m trying to do is present you and me as a child lost in the creation of everything and the amazing hero is who we can become. There are great explanations of the phenomena of the universe scattered through all of the time in both religion and science, and this is one example of the best of both. I get chills its so beautifully true no matter what you think you are there’s so much more out there and endless possibilities for anyone to take. The story of the Eleventh Doctor delivers this idea into a group of young people he will never meet in real life since his just a fable but in some aspects, he is what we can be if we so desired, trying to impress upon him the gravity of the situation. It’s a brilliant but mysterious and rather mad idea, which in the hands of another person would not have any power over amazing, corny or silly. But we must push out without pausing for breath, and when our time comes says his eyes are old, we believe it.