Dependency on others to obtain any kind of knowledge is a faulty habit we developed in our school practices and personal life experiences since they both don’t support the habit of propelling students into a better mindset all the time. It was said that man has the ability to learn about the universe if he would only listen. In fact, when we learn the technique of self-education, we will discover, we must create an opportunity for ourselves if none exist, success is only beyond our wildest dreams. Tomorrow is a promise we all must see through, or the limitless light of potential will be lost forever leaving all behind in the dark world of lies and treachery with nothing of true value built to last.
The ability to utilize you natural talents to fullest is a skill you have to learn in order to achieve goals but the need to create motivation is very high; motivation produces persistence and persistence get the job done. You’ll see in time that this will be like a second nature allowing for a growth into the sun a Chinese bamboo tree that only grows out of the dirt after five years of watering with a sprouting allowing it to live in the light of the sun. Ingenuity is the mark of being clever, original, and inventive, often in the process of applying ideas to solve problems or meet challenges. Ingenuity (Ingenium) is the Latin root word for engineering. For example, the method of calculating out whereby to cross a mountain stream using a fallen log, developing an airplane model from a sheet of paper, or starting a new company in a foreign culture all involve the application of ingenuity. Human ingenuity has driven us to various technological developments through applied science, and can also be seen in the progress of new social organizations, institutions, and relationships. Ingenuity involves the most complex human thought processes, bringing together our thinking and acting both individually and collectively to take good of opportunities and/or overcome problems.